Yellow Speed coilovers for racing cars

yellow-speed-racing-dynamic-pro-sport-coilovers-honda-civic-type-r-ep3-9-revo-works-300x220Dynamic pro sport

This type of yellow speed coilovers are developed and designed for all motoring enthusiasts who wants brilliant handling. Full length modification and thirty three way modifiable dampening settings and in order to meet handling desires of every driver features this suspension system. Adjustable camber plates and pillow ball mounts are included for rear and front on most kits in order to raise steering response, and for noise reduction – aluminum upper mounts which has hardened rubber bushings are used on some applications. So, this suspension system is perfect for occasional track use and daily driving.

In order to ensure product stability and durability, high quality components are adopted. Every application is entirely road tested and completely tests fit in order to guarantee all our customers great comfort and perfect performance.yellow-speed-racing-dynamic-pro-sport-coilovers-honda-civic-type-r-ep3-5-revo-works

Thirty three -way dampening modifiable

This suspension system has characteristics of thirty three way dampening force modification. A large variety of dampening adjustments can be made to offer diversity of responses to tune the ride feel and to different road conditions.

For most VW and Audi models – newly improved rear dampening modification method

The dampening can’t be attuned on the rears without shock removal in some Volkswagen and Audi or other vehicle makes applications, which was found in our earlier design. For the driver who desired perfect ride feel, this caused so much trouble and time waste as well. With constant improvement and excessive testing, lately improved rear dampening modification method design is accessible now; so, you can easily fine-tune the rear dampening to your preference setting with no shock removal from your good-looking car every time different from other brands which were utilizing the old design still! Also¬†click here for those Subaru Yellow Speed coilovers.

Pillow ball upper mount with modifiable camber plate

On the front and the rear is included the pillow ball mount with camber plate in order to offer complete and direct handling response. In rare cases, squeaking noise could happen from the shock absorbers and that is normal, and for that reason the product warranty doesn’t cover any noise problem. In order to improve handling, the majority of suspension kits are fitted with pillow ball upper mounts; but, pillow balls on some applications can make rattling sound (this type of sound is metal to metal sound – that can be found on other brands too). However, that is normal and it doesn’t have an effect on the performance of the product. The warranty of the product doesn’t cover any rattling sound problem which can be caused by the pillow balls. Also, there is an offer of hardened rubber upper mount for noise decrease and improvement of handling stability and ride comfort for those people who do not like the slight noise which can be caused by the pillow ball. Furthermore, the pillow ball is a product which is consumptive such as oil seal, brake pads, bearing, brake rotor. . . It will be used up after having been used for a some period of time.



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